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MIBCO has been accredited by the CCMA to resolve most types of labour disputes which occur in our industry and its dispute resolution procedures closely mirror those of the CCMA. To this end it has created the Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC), recognised by the CCMA and managed by qualified accredited full time Commissioners, with offices throughout South Africa.

The procedure for the resolution of most labour disputes can be summarised as follows:

  • A copy of the Referral Form must be served on the other party and the DRC within 30 days of a dismissal (or 90 days of an unfair labour practice). Service may be effected by registered mail, fax or by hand.   Proof of service, such as a fax or Post Office slip, must be provided to the DRC.
  • Should the dispute be referred outside the 30 or 90-day period, condonation for the late referral needs to be sought. The DRC’s Case Management staff will gladly assist with the necessary forms.
  • The DRC will enrol the dispute for Conciliation or Con/Arb proceedings at a venue closest to the parties within 30 days of receipt of the referral.
  1. oConciliation is an informal meeting aimed solely at arriving at an amicable resolution of the dispute.
  2. o Con/Arb incorporates a second process, Arbitration, at which the presiding Commissioner will listen to evidence from both parties and issue a final and binding award.
  • If the dispute was enrolled for Conciliation only and remains unresolved, the Applicant must formally request the DRC to arbitrate. This can be done by serving a copy of the Request for Arbitration Form on the other party and the DRC.
  • The DRC will enrol the dispute for Arbitration at a venue closest to the parties.
  • A DRC arbitration award is final and binding and, when certified by the CCMA, can be enforced as if it were an order of the Labour Court. Contact the DRC on how to apply for CCMA certification of the award.

Note that disputes relating to Main Collective Agreement infringements, such as underpayments, must be lodged directly with MIBCO.

For cases falling under the jurisdiction of the CCMA please refer to the CCMA Website



DRC Offices:


Highveld, Free State & Northern Cape Regions

276 Oak Avenue                       P. O. Box 3717

Randburg                                 Randburg

Tel:      (0861) 664 – 226            2194

Fax:      (086) 451 – 0526


Western & Eastern Cape Regions

Tyger Terraces 3                      P. O. Box 17

Bellville Business Park             Bellville

Mike Pienaar Boulevard           7535


Tel:      (0861) 664 – 226

Fax:      (086) 521 – 4276


Northern Region

1st Floor Primo House                          P. O. Box 14004

Hatfield Square                                    Hatfield

1119 Burnett Street                             0028


Tel:      (0861) 664 – 226

Fax:      086 451 0527 / (012) 362 – 3701 / 086 668 5825


KwaZulu-Natal Region

10A Caversham Road                            P. O. Box 17263

Hogart Road Industrial                         Congella

Pinetown                                             4013

Fax:      (0861) 664 – 226

Fax:      (031) 205 – 6195

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